Why Do Women Wear Makeup? The Science Behind Makeup Obsession

A mere 44 percent of American women don’t like leaving their home without applying makeup. Two main reasons women use makeup are revealed by research:

Camouflage: Women who are anxious or insecure will use makeup to hide their imperfections.
Seduction – Women who desire to appear more attractive use makeup to make themselves more confident, assertive, and sociable.

These 44% of women think that if they don’t show their natural, unaltered face, they will not be able achieve either of these things and they will be treated differently. There is science behind the fear that makeup makes them look different every day.

It is ingrained in women from an early age that they must be attractive to succeed in all areas of life, including dating, job interviews, friendships, and even relationships. Although it may not be fair, the Association for Psychological Science says that attractive people are more likely to be treated favorably in all areas of life, including dating, jobs, and criminal trials.

What can women do to make themselves more attractive with makeup?

Before we move on, let me say that this article does not take into consideration the amazing diversity of makeup users and their reasons. This research focuses only on straight women. It assumes that only women use makeup. These tips are not meant to be applied to those who don’t belong within this group. However, there is limited research available for multi-groups.

What Biology Says about Attractive Female Faces
Two universal characteristics have been identified by researchers that contribute to a woman’s attractiveness.

Color contrast between the eyes and lips
The skin around the eyes and lips of women naturally tends to be darker. Our brains subconsciously recognize this as a sign that a woman is feminine. The greater the contrast in color between a woman’s lips and eyes, and thus her evolutionary appeal, the more feminine and feminine she is. Because they enhance these features, eyeshadow and lipstick are makeup staples.

Note: Men who are straight have the greatest effect from enhanced outer eyes and lip color, as they are biologically wired to attract women with feminine looks and fertile bodies.

Her face is
According to the Association for Psychological Science, we like symmetrical faces even though we don’t see it. Although you may not be aware, most faces are slightly asymmetrical. One side may be wider than the other, eyes may have slight differences, and one cheekbone might be less prominent. The more variations there are on a face, the more appealing it will be perceived. Eyeliner and lipsliner can also make these features look more symmetrical.

To appear more attractive, makeup can be a powerful tool. How do you make the most out of makeup?

Research shows this is the most important tip
If you don’t like makeup or have mornings when you don’t feel like applying it, this tip will help you if you’re going to a place where others’ impressions of you matter.

Use concealer/foundation
Research has shown that foundation is the most influential cosmetic on women’s perceptions. This is particularly important for women at work, as research has shown that makeup-wearing women have greater earnings and potential promotion. You can look tired and sickly due to skin tone issues, tired eyes bags, and blemishes.

You may already know that foundation masks might not completely cover acne scars and other blemishes. You won’t see the full benefits of makeup if your skin isn’t perfectly even. Apply enough concealer before you apply foundation to cover any blemishes.

Oily skin can also affect the skin’s evenness. Powder can be used to remove the shine from your foundation. You can always reapply throughout the day by keeping a compact in your purse.

These Science-Based Makeup Enhancements

These four enhancements can be used to enhance the beauty of your makeup if you have the energy, time and desire.

Blush Studies have shown that a pink blush makes you appear younger and more awake. Many people find it to be similar to their natural skin color in sexual states.

Eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara: Adam J. Scheiner M.D., Cosmetic surgeon Adam J. Scheiner Eye makeup can enhance the natural beauty of women’s eyes by enhancing their color variation. These cosmetics can also be used to make your eyes appear larger so that you look younger.

Lipstick This increases the color contrast in the mouth. It is not surprising that red lipstick is more appealing to straight women than lipsticks with a muted or no color.

Contour Our brains love symmetrical faces, as we have discussed. Your face can be contoured to make it more symmetrical and sharpen your angles.

Beauty bloggers can give you great tips and tricks on how to create these kinds of makeup.

How Social Psychology of Makeup Influences Your Relationships

It does more than make a woman look attractive. Makeup also affects her ability to build new relationships. Straight men judge a woman’s beauty by her makeup. However, straight women use makeup as a way to evaluate other women’s personalities.

Three key findings were discovered by research about how straight women view each other’s make-up:

Women who use makeup are perceived as more dominant by women. This perception suggests that makeup can make women more powerful and help them have successful careers.
Women perceive women who wear makeup as promiscuous and more jealous than those who don’t. This is especially true when women use bold, sexy makeup such as eyeshadow and bright lipstick.
Women who have makeup similar to their own make up are more likely to bond with one another. People who look like us are naturally attracted to us. It’s not surprising that makeup is a key characteristic women use to determine who they want to be friends with. When you stop and think about it, makeup can tell a lot about women. It can reveal how they value beauty and how they want attention.

On the other hand, men tend to have different opinions about women depending on what makeup she uses and how attractive it makes her look. This was discovered by a woman who did a social experiment to see how men react to her makeup. She created three Tinder profiles, each with different levels of makeup.

These are the three main findings of this video.

The account with bare-faced makeup received the most friendly–not flirtatious–replies. Her potential new friend was seen by men as more attractive than a partner.
The most flirty messages and requests for dates were sent to the account with the least amount of makeup.
Men were misled by the glam makeup on her account, which gave the impression she was looking for easy hookups.
These are some things to consider if you’re single.

Last Note: Keep it sweet and subtle

It is vital to use makeup, but many women make the error of over-doing it.

One study asked women to do their makeup like they would on a night out. Researchers took photos throughout the process. They then showed photos of women with different levels of makeup, including those without and full-on-makeup. Then they asked women to rate which photos were most attractive. On average, 60% of the makeup women put on for a night out was considered attractive. This means that most women have more makeup than is necessary to be considered attractive.

Another study showed that makeup can make women more likeable, trustworthy and competent if it isn’t overdone.

Bottom line: Think about how you want to be perceived and use makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

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