Makeup Tips to Make Your Life 100x Easier

Before applying concealer, apply your foundation.

Hot tip: Apply your foundation first, then your concealer. Think about it: Starting with a layer of foundation will help minimize any redness or discolouration–almost like you’re creating a smooth base for the rest of your products. You can use your concealer to treat any redness or zits. Plus! Another plus? Foundation before concealer is a brilliant solution to prevent creasing and caking.

Keep your eyebrows spiffy with a spoolie.

On busy days when I don’t have time to fill in my eyebrows, I like to do the next best thing: quickly comb up my arches with a spoolie brush (aka those little mascara wands). I don’t always have the time to use makeup products, so I prefer to spool my eyebrows with my spoolie. Details Pro makeup tip: You can buy spoolie brushes in bulk for v cheap (I like the Cuttte Disposable Mascara Brushes) or go for something reusable (I’m a fan of Uomo Beauty’s Brow-Fro Baby Hair, which also has a precision pencil on one end).

Before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips.

Do you know what happens when lipstick doesn’t apply smoothly? You can prep your lips using a gentle lip scrub (I recommend the Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub or the KNC Beauty Lip Scrub). This will remove any dry skin from your lips and leave you with a smoother, more flexible canvas for your products. Remember that Lip scrubs should be used only once per week. Anything more than that, and you risk irritation (aka the opposite vibe of what you want).

Blush is not a good idea.

Although blush might seem obvious, it is one of the most overlooked products in your makeup kit. You can give your whole look a warmer, brighter finish by applying a few smears of powder blush to the top of your cheeks. Lakeisha Dale, a makeup artist, said blush is a must-have for all clients. It gives skin a fresh, rejuvenated appearance and adds depth to the face.

To make your pencil liner glide, melt it.

Fact: Creamy cosmetic products blend better when heated. If your kohl liners tug on your eyes or require multiple coats to achieve a good colour payoff, melt the product slightly before you begin lining. You can do this by heating the tip of the kohl liner in a lighter for about a second or until it becomes tacky. Once it has cooled, you can observe the consistency change before you start lining.

Make your eyeshadow pop with white eyeliner.

Blend a white pencil with your eyeliner to make a sheer eyeshadow or one that is less pigmented more vibrant. Next, apply your eyeshadow directly on top. You can make any eyeshadow shade pop with the opaque coverage. The white liner will intensify it.

Outline your cat eye

If you have trouble with your winged eyeliner look (also, hi! same, I understand you), draw the outline first, then fill it in. To create your cat eye’s bottom:

  1. Extend a line beyond the lower lash line.
  2. Determine the thickness of your wing.
  3. Trace the top line between the endpoint and your upper lash line.

After you have your shape on both sides, and it looks symmetrical to you, fill in the space.

Use a spoon as a stencil for a winged liner. You can use a spoon to draw your cat’s eye if freehanding is not an option. To draw your cat’s eye, hold the spoon’s stem against your outer corner. To create a perfect curved winged effect, flip the spoon to touch your eyelid.

Hack a smoky eye with a hashtag

If you don’t know how to make a smokey eye, it can quickly go from being sultry and sloppy. You can keep it simple by using a cream eyeliner and drawing a hashtag symbol on the outer third of your eyelid. Then, blend it with the sponge or smudging brush. This will ensure your eyes are perfectly symmetrical and prevent you from going crazy with your eyeliner.

Use a spoon as a mascara shield.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your eyeshadow look flawless and then having to smudge mascara all over the place. Here’s how to fix it. Place a spoon in front of your eyes, and then apply your mascara as you would normally. If you use it as a brush, the mascara residue will stick to the spoon’s back and not your skin. Genius.

Revive mascara using saline solution

A word of caution: You should only use mascara for three months. It can accumulate bacteria and cause eye infections. 10049.a.6265[src

Heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer.

You can make your heated lash curler by blowing hot air onto your eyelash curler. The added heat will make your lashes curl faster and last longer. Heat your lash curler using a blow dryer. Once it has heated up, let it cool down a bit and then curl your lashes by clamping on to it.

Plump your lashes with translucent powder

To plump your lashes, dust some translucent setting powder between coats of mascara. You will have fuller, longer lashes, thanks to the translucent powder.

Apply eyelash glue with a bobby pin

If you always make a mess with eyelash glue and end up with clumpy-looking fake lashes, try this makeup tip: Use the tip of a clean bobby pin to carefully apply a few dots of glue to the lash band and disperse it evenly. Wait a few seconds or until the glue is tacky, and then pop the lashes on.

Set your lip colour with a tissue and powder

To ensure that your lipstick lasts for hours, apply the shade to your lips, place a tissue on top, and then dust translucent powder on top. This will prevent the colour from fading or bleeding. Although this may seem like an extra step, the results are 100 per cent worth it. The translucent powder could change the colour of your lips, but use tissue as a shield to protect them from lightning or dulling.

Mix your lip colour with petroleum jelly

You can use an eyeshadow you love to make lipstick. Mix it with some petroleum jelly (Aquaphor, Vaseline) and then apply it to your lips. Boom. Your custom lip gloss. Best makeup tip ever.

With an “x”, define your Cupid’s bow.

The easiest and fastest way to define your Cupid’s bow is to use lipstick in the same colour as your lipstick. Create an “X” with your natural lipline. To complete your look, fill the three bottom sections with lipstick.

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Use a triangle shape to conceal your eyes.

To brighten the under-eye area, stop putting your concealer on and apply it in a triangular shape. The triangle should be drawn directly below your lash line. With the tip pointed toward your apple of the cheek, draw the base of the triangle. This conceals any shadows and redness to give the illusion of brighter eyes.

Use a brush handle as a contour guide.

Every face is different. Your contour might not be in the same place as your friend’s. To determine the best place to dust your contour powder or bronzer:

  1. Take a pencil, pen or makeup brush handle and place it below your cheekbone. This will allow you to choose the most flattering angle for your face.
  2. After finding the right placement, apply some bronzer to the area with a contouring toothbrush.
  3. Blend the colour out to soften the look.
  4. Use a brow pencil to map your contours.

Are you without a cream contour stick? Don’t you need a cream contour stick? [utm_campaign You read that right. Brow gel pen pencils are extremely concentrated and yet easily smudge-able, making them ideal for contouring.

Use a toilet seat cover to absorb the oil.

This sounds terrible, but it’s true. Both blotting papers and toilet seat covers are made of similar materials and will help soak up the excess oil on your skin. So, if you’re in a pinch and headed to the bathroom to freshen up anyway, grab one of these covers and pat it over your T-zone to decrease any excess oil on your face.


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