Jessica Williams: Fantastic Beasts and Her Off-Duty Beauty Routine

She loves to wear a bejeweled pimple patch and play Pokemon Snap when she’s not at work. On and offscreen, these are only a small part of her humor and wit. Williams’ resume includes appearances on Girls, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and Netflix’s The Incredible Jessica James. She also appeared in Olivia Wilde’s critically acclaimed Booksmart. And Mia Hines on HBO Max’s Love Life. Williams’ second appearance in the series is as Professor Eulalie Higgs in Fantastic Beasts. It’s our favorite yet.

Williams dialed into our Zoom call wearing a bright purple dress with candy-colored hair and excited to discuss her role as Professor Eulalie. It was obvious that they had the same energy. Williams revealed quickly that she dreams of being like her witchy character, while others would argue that she is already there. We spoke openly about Williams’ love of Harry Potter, her beauty tips and her favorite products. Williams is generous with all she gives, including her favorite sunscreen and the Black women who have influenced her beauty philosophy. Continue reading our conversation.

Congratulations on Fantastic Beasts: The Secret of Dumbledore. We would love your thoughts about being part of this huge franchise.

I feel like I have been in a giant machine. The Wizarding World has been a well-known concept for many years. When I was in third grade, my teacher read the books. I also had a Harry Potter tattoo before I was cast in this film. Although I was intimidated and excited, it was an honor to play Professor Eulalie, a determined, capable, and formidable witch in this film.

Which is your favorite memory from filming or on set?

Stunt work and fight sequences are my favorite memories. One of my favorite memories was with Dan Fogler (Jacob Kowalski), a talented and funny person. There’s a scene where I run up the books wearing a gorgeous gold Colleen Atwood dress and heels. Stunt people are standing by to catch me if I fall. It brought back memories of why The Rock does so much stunt work. It’s both challenging and fun.

Are there any similarities between you and your character? What are your similarities?

Both of us are six-foot tall and Black [laughs]. Eulalie grew to love books, and it is something I enjoy as well. Her ability to see the humanity in others is something I admire, and it inspires me. I want to imitate her intelligence, capability, and overall badass qualities.

How did your preparations for playing Professor EulalieHicks?

Since I was a child, I have known a lot about the Wizarding World. I had some souvenirs like Professor McGonagall’s wand, so I practiced a lot in my apartment. To help me with my accent, I would spend six months practicing it. To keep my character, I reviewed my lines every night. Overall, I believed I could handle any situation that presented itself.

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