How to grow your hair longer and healthier

The Undertaker. The school girls called her the Undertaker. She had cut off some of her curly, long hair while trying to straighten it. We adolescents can be cruel. Due to her same matted, stringy hair, she was compared to the WWF wrestler for a year. She still makes us laugh 15 years later.

However, I wasn’t just an overweight teenager. I had glasses and a tendency to be the teacher’s pet. It was my crowning glory and happy distraction, and for many years, it was the most noticeable thing about me. The Punjabi family I grew up with loved my long, unruly hair. They treasured their secrets, home remedies, and whiskey as much as I did. Norse mythology describes Sif, Thor’s wife, whose gorgeous, blonde, feet-skimming locks were brutally cut by Loki, the trickster god. She was so upset that she promised Thor her vengeance. Loki returned with her hair, which the dwarves had weaved. This is the intimate relationship women have with hair. We speak to nutritionists and hair experts to help you get long hair and stay that way.


After the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson cut her hair in place of a fairy. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Taylor Swift to Cara Delevingne has had their time with the lob. Kim Kardashian West loves short-haired, wig-styled wigs. They all share one thing: long hair is back in fashion. This can be done in loose, or with braids, braids, or buns. Here’s how to get there.

Growing Longer Hair is a HAIR THREE-WAY STEP

Kanta Motwani, the celebrity hairdresser at Kromakay, keeps it real. Long hair requires more attention, especially if thick. She recommends that you trim your hair every two to three months. Also, massage your scalp to improve blood circulation. This will make your hair shiny and healthier. Focus on your roots when it comes to strength. The root is just as important as the ends and mid-lengths. Let’s say that your hair is falling and has suffered from color damage. Please treat it with a natural, chemical-free gel to nourish the roots. Secondly, to maintain hair health, pay attention to what you are putting into your body. Use only chemical-free products like the homeopathic cream we use. It strengthens the roots and reduces dandruff and mild scalp infections. You can then follow this up with a hair spa. Infusion-based hair spas are a great option. They work on hair sheen and volume, repair, color, and hydration.” Nalini Naegamvala, a veteran hairstylist who founded Nalini & Yasmin. While Indian women have naturally beautiful hair, she agrees that they do not address the problem of hair falling or weakening. This is why hair loses strength and elasticity.

Split ends are another problem that long hair can face. Split ends can be an enemy of both curly and long hair. They need to be trimmed frequently to avoid drying out at the ends. It is easy to combat them. Regular haircuts are the best way to fight them. After you have the Ss covered, it’s time to get on to the S3–the shine. Naegamvala says that there is no quick way to make your hair shine. It all depends on what you eat and how you eat it. Also, the type of treatment you use to condition and protect your hair. The big secret is: It takes a lot of effort.


Suman Agarwal, the Nutritionist, explains how to eat well to maintain good hair health.

Hair is 93% protein, so choose a protein-rich diet. To strengthen your hair roots, include fish, eggs, and paneer into your diet. Coconut water can be used to absorb nutrients. Hair maintenance is easy because they are rich in Vitamin C, vegetables, and lentils. Chiron seed’s 59% fat content helps to reduce dryness on the hair and scalp. It gives hair a shiny, healthy look and improves hair texture. The zinc-rich roasted pumpkin seeds can reduce hair loss. B-6, Niacin, and B-12 can all help to prevent premature graying. However, nothing can stop it from happening permanently. Nutrova’s Kerastrength is a multi-nutrient combination of antioxidants and amino acids, evening primrose oils, vitamins, minerals, and vitamins.

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