Hailey Bieber Has Never Felt Sexier

With great excitement, I present Byrdie’s inaugural “special issue”, a collection of product reviews and thoughts on the launch of Hailey Bieber’s new beauty brand, Rhode. We created a shoot to celebrate Hailey’s essence: minimal, simple, and radiantly glowing.

I urge you to read her thoughtful interview and scroll through the images. (Don’t forget to see what her editors think about her products ).It was an honor to be able to witness it all come together. It is rare to describe Hailey Bieber as graceful, kind, and soft-spoken. She’d be described as all three. Enjoy!

-Hallie Gould, editorial director

Hailey Bieber began modeling in 2014 and has been a prominent figure in the fashion world, on the runways and walking down the streets. She is a well-known street-style model and is now a beloved dewy-skin icon. Bieber was able to create a niche in an often noisy and saturated industry by creating a YouTube channel that is highly popular, as well as her new beauty brand, Rho. We are here to honor Hailey Bieber, a reputable business owner and entrepreneur, and her other achievements on the occasion of the brand’s debut.

Hailey’s skin is what you first notice when you meet her. It looks so natural that it almost seems airbrushed. She said she hadn’t applied for foundation today. I was immediately curious about her secrets. She says, “I have always loved the rituals of skincare.” Hailey said that her skincare and general beauty philosophies have changed since her 20s. She is now 25 and says that her skincare journey was about learning that “less is more.” However, she insists that it’s a personal decision.

RODARTE – FULL LOOKHailey believes her mothers have partly influenced her skincare relationship. She says that her mom was a role model for her. She strongly advocated skincare and body care and kept her skin out of the sun. “I learned a lot about hydrating from her. When I was a child, every time I went to the bath, I would be covered in lotion from head-to-toe.” This is fitting as Rhode, Hailey’s first foray into the beauty industry is named after her mother’s middle name. She’s a big believer in deep hydration. She says, “Who doesn’t want to look radiant and hydrated from head to foot?” “I want to be bible.”

Hailey is a “mood board person” and adheres to routines and schedules. She says, “Even with my wardrobe or the way that I dress, I like to put vibes together. Hailey said that she likes to curate moments, and Coachella was one of her favorite moments. She wore a tank and jeans to Coachella and stated that it was about comfort, especially as she has been attending the festival since she was 18.

Hailey is known for her meticulous curation and love of a clean, simple look. It’s known for its slicked-back hair, minimal-coverage makeup, shaved eyebrows and fine jewelry. This makes it a popular choice for those who want to appear like a model. Hailey explained that the reason she’s on the back-to-back inspiration boards for this trend is because of how she naturally is, not something she needs to do. She said that she had never fallen asleep while wearing makeup. This is quite impressive.

She said, “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t use either a towel or a washing cloth and some warm water [to clean myself] before going to sleep.” She laughed when I asked if she would do it if she crashed at a party. She attributes most of her success to her [craving structure] and not to being the poster girl for passing trends. She says, “If people associate with me with the minimalistic or clean aesthetic, then so be that.” “But my goal is to encourage people to embrace the things that make them feel good.”

Hailey says that being in her 20s has made her feel happy, even though she still carries herself with a maturity that makes it seem older. She says she has never felt sexier in her life. Let my skin shine and my natural hair grow brought me to a place where I feel more confident and beautiful than ever. I want to be healthy.” Hailey dyed her hair to her natural color last summer, inspiring others to eliminate bleach. She says that she is a brunette and feels like she has rediscovered her beauty.

Hailey is open to change and growth, however. “You’ll find your niche and [a more natural appearance] is mine right now. Who knows? She says that maybe in three years, I will have black hair and feel better. “I want to keep growing, both inside and outside. “I want to be able continue to embrace who I am in each moment.”

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