Four Sikh Beauty Bloggers Discuss Representation and Go to Products

Instagram is the home of beauty influencers from all over the world. They showcase diverse looks that reflect their heritages, religions, and ethnicities. Swiping through their content lets you see how beauty and everyday life are interconnected. Beauty is a common area that unites everyone, regardless of age or profession.

I need to connect with women of color, and religiously marginalized creators, on social media. After extensive Instagram research, I messaged some of the most beautiful Sikh beauty bloggers and asked them about their experiences in the media. We discussed the obstacles they faced, ayurvedic beauty tips, and makeup essentials. Continue scrolling to see what they had to share.

What inspired you to start your blog?

Although I was once afraid to upload pictures, I now love makeup. I am in love with the beauty industry and have found it so rewarding to be able to influence others’ choices, particularly middle school and high school girls. I wanted to help South Asian women be proud of their melanin and who they are.

Which are your favorite looks?

Combining heavy Indian jewelry with Indian clothing and clothes gives me a lot of fun creating Indian looks. My favorite look to create is bridal makeup. It was fun to try out a Bengali-inspired look. This allowed me to step outside my comfort zone of Punjabi.

What have been some of the obstacles that you faced as a Sikh beauty blogger and entrepreneur?

I used to be worried about the likes and comments of other Punjabi Sikh bloggers being older than me. But then, I stopped worrying. It was important to me that the space be more inclusive. To be honest with my audience, I began talking about companies that made products I enjoyed. I have had to manage all this while working full-time and caring for my newborn. It has not been easy to find the time to create content. If you love what you do, success is almost certain.

What are your top beauty secrets?

I use setting spray at every stage of my makeup process to ensure that everything is properly blended and set. Setting spray is applied after concealer for under eyes to prevent creasing.

What inspired you to start your blog?

I wanted to show people that beauty can be achieved. You don’t need to look perfect or have much money to achieve it. The media doesn’t make you conform to unrealistic beauty standards. You can end the cycle.

Simrit was interested in creating a blog together with me. I wanted to fill the void of not having Sikh representation [in beauty]. Our goal was to create a blog that would be sustainable and show different ways to access beauty, fashion, and style without spending too much.

Which are your top-selling products?

Eyeliner has been my best friend. Kajal, pen liners–you name it. There are many liners available from Maybelline. Anastasia

Which are your favorite looks?

I’m obsessed with sunset eyes. A mix of Indian and western looks is what I love. I love the F.R.I.E.N.D.S look we created with Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel. It has a Punjabi twist. It is a great way to show how different styles can be worn for different skin types and cultures.

It’s a part of my heritage to use black eyeliner. It’s always fun to see dramatic wedding lenghas and Indian suits with intense cat eyes. I love a bold pink or red shade paired with wing-eyeliner for the cheeks, eyes and lips. This classic look is flattering for everyone.

What have been some of the obstacles that you faced as a Sikh beauty blogger and entrepreneur?

Simrit The main problem is being shadowbanned by Instagram when we post about India’s farmer protests. We want to speak out about important issues, but it shouldn’t affect our reach or our comments on beauty photos. We want to continue using our platform to voice our opinions while sharing creative and fun content.

AmritInsta doesn’t have a lot of representation. Sikh beauty bloggers are not often mentioned. We believe wholeheartedly in the Sikh teachings to love, care, and include all people.

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