Makeup by Stella Tu
Hair by Jenn
Photo by Duuet Weddings
Venue Jack Rabbit vineyard

Mel and Cliff were married on the 4th of November 2017 at a beautiful Bellarine Peninsula Winery in the Western suburb of Melbourne close to Geelong. A winery called Jack Rabbit vineyard.
Bellarine Peninsula is known as the Morning Peninsula of the Western suburb of Melbourne. It’s a beautiful seaside oceanfront suburb also come with numbers of amazing Vineyard for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. 
Jack Rabbit Vineyard has a seaside setting that held a beautiful wedding for Mel and Cliff.

When I first met Mel, she was struggling to find a Makeup artist to help her with what she wants to achieve. Like most of us, she wants to enhance her eyes with natural makeup application, but she's so used to achieving that with a dark eyeliner application. At our trial, we struggle a little at the beginning, but after a long consult, trialing and listening. We came up with something that we both happy about. 
I’ve designed a makeup look that suits her feature and also natural looking to enhance her eyes without heavy application.

I’m really happy to achieve what you wanted it for your makeup application on your wedding day. Very glad that we spent extra time on your Bridal Trial to look for what you want. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of your big day. 

REAL WEDDING: Kate and Robbie

Makeup by Stella Tu
Hair by Blush Bar Geelong
Photo by Mr. Hendrix Photography (also going to be my wedding photographer) 
Dress by The white Run way 

Kate and I actually only spoke on the phone a week before her wedding. She only found me a week before and we chatted about her wedding and the makeup style. She sent me some photos of her and her wedding dress, I discussed with her on the phone what I'm going to do with her makeup, and she booked me in straight away without a trial! 
To be honest, I normally wouldn't recommend without a trial, A wedding trial is really something I would suggest just to see which style suits you the best. But Kate wasn't free for a trial, and my pride was saying that I'm sure she will love the look I have in mind for her. So we just went with it!
On the day, I arrived early in the morning in Geelong. As usual, bride normally gets pretty nervous on the day, so I asked how she was feeling and if she slept well. She answered with a quirky smile and said 'I think I fell asleep pretty early ( her bridesmaids then said, she slept like a baby!) and I feel just like any other normal days'. 
Well, I gotta say, she was probably the most chilled bride I have ever met yet! 

Kate and Robbie got married in a beautiful Catholic church follow by her wedding reception in Jack Rabbit Vineyard in the Ballerina Peninsula.