Best Makeup Products to Cover Scars and Discoloration

You’re probably familiar with the struggles of dark circles, reddened skin and issues such as hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. These skin problems can require a unique set of products. For this year’s Healthy Beauty Awards, we called in a variety of color-correctors, cover-ups, and other products to find the best for covering up and concealing.

Our panel of experts didn’t have any clear recommendations for makeup to cover up scars or discoloration. Instead, they recommended that you look for active ingredients such as titanium dioxide, which can soothe redness-prone, sensitive skin. Our panel of experts has reviewed many of the products listed below. Many of them have experience with different skin textures and coloration issues. These are the top makeup products to smoothen scarring and discoloration.

Best Full-Covered Foundation for Scars & Discoloration Il Makiage Wake Up Like This Flawless Foundation

The full-coverage foundation “Woke up like This” was created to provide flawless coverage. It contains hydrators such as hyaluronic acids that allow the foundation to glide over skin without causing it to pill. It is easy to apply and quickly sinks into the skin. The shade range is available in 50 shades, so you can mix and match. It also conceals dark spots and other textural issues. View the complete ingredient list.

Bonus points, Per the Experts This product contains Titanium dioxide, which our derms recommended you look for.

One Tester said: “This stuff’s great!” It held up well despite my expectations. My T-zone still looked shiny, as it always does. However, my oily skin didn’t make the foundation crumble! This is huge! The full coverage and shade range are great features. I also love how the makeup feels. Huge fan. I would definitely buy.”

Best Full-Color Concealer for Scars & Discoloration: Huda beauty The Overachiever Concealer

Huda Beauty didn’t lie about its concealer’s “overachieving” claims. Our testers loved it so much that they were able to tell us how much. It provides full coverage, which our testers loved. The concealer also sets quickly and doesn’t crease. It also contains titanium dioxide, which helps to reduce inflammation and redness. View the complete ingredient list. Visit their website.

Bonus points, Per the Experts This product contains Titanium dioxide, which our derms suggested you look for.

One Tester said: “I love the applicator for it, which has a metal tip that feels very cool! Although it can be difficult to control the amount you apply, I find that I can easily spread it without getting any makeup on my fingers. It’s very well-covered and sinks in nicely.

Best Color Correcting Primer for Scars and Discoloration: Neutrogena Prep+ Correct Primer

It is always a good idea to use a color-correcting primer before applying foundation. Neutrogena understands that each skin is different. It offers a variety of primers, including a primer that can be used to correct skin discoloration and one that can neutralize redness. They all worked well, and our testers found them useful.

Bonus Points Per the Experts This product contains Titanium dioxide, which our derms suggest that you look for.

Just so you know This product contains sulfurates. Our experts advised that they be watched out for as they can cause irritation to some.

One Tester said: “I really enjoyed this primer!” Both the tone-correcting as well as the brightening worked for me. The brightening one brightened the areas of my face I used it on. And the tone-correcting primer helped to even out my skin tone before I applied foundation.

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