Beauty Industry Heroes

Beauty Industry Heroes

We spend so much time praising the products that we use every day. The people behind these products deserve special praise. These thought-leaders and formulators have done extraordinary things for brand transparency, sustainability and education. We decided to highlight their contributions to unmuddling, a confusing category in the beauty sector, for our sixth annual Eco Beauty Awards. Ready?

The Educator: Caroline Hirons (skincare expert)

Transparency is key in the beauty industry, especially for influencers dependent on them to give honest advice and recommendations. Caroline Hirons is a 50+ beauty expert who has worked as a beauty consultant and therapist. Her goal is to cut through the jargon and fluff. Hirons exposes inconsistencies in the beauty industry and misinformation in a delightful way. She acts as a knowledge filter with glowing skin and a British accent. She filters out fear-mongering and harmful messaging and informs her followers about the dangers. It’s refreshing to see someone her age resonate so strongly with so many people in an industry that favors young, healthy skin.

The Disruptor: Fiona Chan (founder of Youthforia).

“Youthforia was founded by Fiona Chan in 2020 and has generated a lot of buzz since then. Because of her innovative approach to makeup, Chan is a disruptive force in beauty. Chan’s company provides safe and clean makeup that is gentle on the skin and safe for sleep. Chan’s products have a biobased formula, meaning they are made with at least 90% renewable ingredients (instead of fossil fuels). They are also certified by USDA BioPreferred Program to ensure that Chan is making the minimum impact on the environment while still delivering the best possible experience for her customers.

Her philosophy on beauty is also noteworthy. “I love the idea of ‘dopamine Beauty’ where your beauty regimen is an expression of fun,” Chan stated. “We try to create products that have never been made before, such as color-changing blush oils. Bottom line: Chan and other founders are driving the beauty industry forward, making us excited for the future.

Manessa Lormejuste is a cosmetic chemist and the Formulator.

“Manessa Lorenza Lormejuste should be a top-notch cosmetic chemist. She is passionate about developing innovative formulas for award-winning brands in the beauty industry. This beauty scientist has more than five years of experience in cosmetic formulation and product development. She is skilled in research and development, and she has a passion for all things clean beauty. Lormejuste is currently the senior product development manager at FORMA brands (home of companies like Playa and Morphe). Her impressive resume includes roles at Johnson & Johnson and L’Oreal.

Michelle Wong is a Ph.D. scientist and educator at Lab Muffin Beauty Science.

Since then, positive influence and education have not diminished. For the second consecutive year, I couldn’t help but highlight her incredible importance in the industry. Wong, a science educator with a Ph.D., started her blog over a decade ago. Her mission was to help people understand the science behind beauty products. Wong continues to provide easy-to-understand explanations of all the complex things happening in the beauty industry and many other topics. It’s all about science, healthy skepticism and honesty, transparency, money spent well, and sunscreen.

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