8 Makeup Artists Share Their Black-Owned Beauty Products

Makeup artists work with clients of all skin types, whether preparing a model for a shoot or gaming up a celebrity for a red carpet event. They must have products to suit every skin tone in their kit. We asked seven top makeup artists for their favorite shade-inclusive brands. Let’s say we will purchase all their picks as soon as possible. The experts discuss their top Black-owned foundations, eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Jaleesa Jaikaran

Jaikaran recommends these products as essential items to keep in your arsenal. These highly pigmented sticks are my favorite. You can build up or shear the foundation for more coverage. They are also very long-wearing. An affordable trio combination will allow you to even out your skin’s complexion, highlight and contour. Jaikaran recommends applying foundation to the middle of your face using a flat brush. Then, feather outward.

Jaikaran states, “This product is hands-down one of my favorite.” This gloss is my go-to every day. It is versatile and unbeatable. This baby can be worn alone, with lip color for a dramatic finish, or mixed in with liquid lipsticks to adjust the consistency and tone. To give your lips dimension, a makeup professional recommends that you line them with a pencil before applying the gloss.

Kim Baker

Protecting your skin from the sun is essential. Baker always has a tube of Black Girl SPF ($19) in the kit. Baker says, “I use Black Girl Sunscreen for my clients and myself.” Because of the melanin found in our skin, too many women of color don’t wear sunscreen. We need sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun. This sunscreen is extremely affordable and does not leave a white cast.

Delina Medhin

Medhin states, “This liquid foundation is beautiful.” It layers beautifully and is great for olive-toned women. It’s great for people of color because it has beautiful coverage.


Matin states, “I can’t live without Danessa Myricks Dew Balm (22 dollars)” Matin says, “In fact that’s one the products my clients won’t part with after they use it on me, and they literally grab them from us.” They’re sheer and shiny, give skin a beautiful glow without affecting makeup, and don’t add texture or shimmer that can be too obvious. Dew Wet Balm is available in five colors and can be used with a finger or a toothbrush.

Katie Jane Hughes

Hughes states, “Coloured Raine makes beautiful eyeshadow palettes that are well-themed.” You can find the best selection of warm shades in one palette. This is my favorite way to develop products. The Coloured Raine Beauty Rust Palette (25 USD) includes six cruelty-free warm-toned colors, including 1 foil and 5 matte pigments for your eyes.

Emily Cheng

Cheng says that her favorite is the product’s texture and color range. “Foundations often change their color when they settle. This one does not.” It is seamless and beautiful. The Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation (68 USD) contains Vita-Serum Complex, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and Diamond Core Powder Technology, which improves skin texture.

Tobi Henney

Henney states that this is one of her favorite liners. She uses it to draw in the upper and lower water lines to create a smokey look. It glides on smoothly and lasts well for sets and events. Five colors are available for the Pat McGrath Labs PermaGel UGLIDE Eyeliner Pencil (28 USD), but Henney prefers Xtreme Black.

Mimi Johnson

Johnson states, “I love the finely ground powder.” It’s a great finishing powder and feels light. There are eight colors available. They were all created with flash photography and 8K TV & Film. It can be used to set makeup and absorb oil.

Johnson tells us that these are vibrant, vegan, cruelty-free, and won’t dry your lips.” They won’t irritate your masks and are therefore a great benefit. An Atlanta makeup artist also informed us that Glamatory Lip Potions could be used to create a blush or creme shadow. Just mix them with some foundation.

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