7 Amazing Butterfly Makeup Tutorials to Get You Thrilled

Heidi Klum was Hollywood’s unofficial inspiration for all things Halloween, long before goddess- and butterfly-inspired social media filters dominated our costume choices. Supermodel Heidi Klum could test-drive all the brilliant costumes before social media. A frightening butterfly was dressed in some of the most sinister insect eyes we have ever seen in 2014.

You could choose to go that route (i.e., You could go super dramatic or channel Klum’s butterfly effect but with a more bug-centric approach. We think the latter, so we searched YouTube and the Internet for the best tutorials on Halloween butterfly makeup. Although it was difficult to choose our favorite, we settled on seven that was not only stunningly beautiful but also very easy to master. Jamie Dornan and Glenn Brownell, makeup artists, shared their secrets and tips on how to achieve the ultimate transformation. These easy tutorials will help you prepare for Halloween without spending much money on costumes.

Crazy Colorful Butterfly

Beats by Deb is a vlogger well-known for her bright eyes, but this video takes the cake. This bright-colored butterfly look is our favorite. Deb shows us how to make the ultimate butterfly effect with glitter, using every color in the rainbow, including blue, green, pinks and purples. This look is perfect for Halloween and other occasions. She used the Carnival Palette from BPerfect to achieve this look. Brownell says that when creating colorful eye looks, it is important to prepare the lids properly. “Normally, I want the eye base to be transparent so you can see through it. But in this case, you need something opaque to make it easier to work with.” Brownell suggests MAC’s paint pot (23 USD).

Mermaid Butterfly

Okay, so we know that mermaids are very different from butterflies in Halloween costume camp, but why not combine the best of both? This aquamarine version of the iconic butterfly vibe is all we need for a memorable Halloween costume or makeup moment. Divide.N.Contour, a beauty vlogger, shows us how to make our fin-tastes. The Just my Luck palette ($14) makes this look possible. Colourpop. This palette is affordable and has the right combination of greens and blues to achieve the look. Fallout can be a problem when working with highly pigmented shadows. To prevent powder from falling off your brush, tip your head back while applying shadow. Dorman suggests holding a tissue under each eye if the product is very sloppy.

Butterfly Princess

You have blue lashes, yellow eyes, pink hair and even a few periwinkle butterflies. Sherliza Moe, the YouTube vlogger, is a butterfly expert. This Halloween makeup tutorial is a one-half fairytale, one-half butterfly perfection. We are completely enthralled and eager to give it a try. Kendall Dorsey (Nicki Minaj’s mane master) shared his top tips and tricks for Halloween wearing a hair wig. Brownell suggests starting with your eyes to achieve a look like this.

Snapchat Butterfly

We’re not surprised that we have copied and translated many of our favorite social media filters into real-life Halloween looks throughout the years. (Baby fawn, anyone?) Alas, the popular butterfly-goddess-gilded-perfection filter is one of our all-time faves. Thanks to My Pale Skin, we’re finally getting a glittering how-to for this year’s Halloween shenanigans. The headpiece is true, but we adore the simplicity of shimmering gold lids and ink-black lashes. We also love the perfect nude pout. Although this look might seem intimidating, Dorman reminds us that it is possible to create a costume makeup look with products you are comfortable working with. Powder pigments are best for those who use lots of powder eyeshadows. Cream-based makeup is better for you if you are a fan of creams. You will find it easy to create new looks using textures that you are familiar with.

The golden butterflies are key to the look. We love this sticker ($10) on Amazon. This is the perfect butterfly makeup for minimalists.

Baby-Doll Butterfly

This pink baby-pink butterfly makeup looks the most imaginative we’ve ever seen. This look by Miss Create is a great alternative to the usual scary Halloween costumes. It’s surprisingly simple, and she even explains how to make her DIY headpiece. Our favorite part? Our favorite part? The larger-than-life lashes tie everything together. This doll-like effect can be achieved at home with the House of Lashes Iconic false lashes ($12).

Butterfly Fairy

Vloggers describe this Technicolor Halloween butterfly makeup as “butterfly fairy,” and we agree. Graf used bright pops in magenta, yellow, fuchsia and electric orange to create a vibrant palette. Graf applied white face paint to her neck and chest first. This made the look pop. You can recreate this look at home with the Just make sure to prepare your skin properly before applying any color.

“I prefer lighter moisturizers that penetrate the skin for costume makeup. Costume makeup is often water-based, so it works best on moisturized skin. Paula’s Choice is my favorite.

Classic Monarch

It is a coincidence that Halloween’s iconic twosome matches the colors of the monarch butterflies. Show off your black-and-orange spooky vibe with intricately designed eyelids, decolletage and a blood-orange-colored pout. Judy C., a New Zealand-based fashion blogger and beauty guru, walks you through this easy transformation step by step. This look can be recreated at home. For all the fine details, make sure to use a fine-tipped liner. Sephora’s Fine-Tipped Felt Tip Eyeliner is our favorite. Brownell’s last tip? Brownell’s final tip? “Makeup, especially for this type of makeup, should not be stressful!” Keep a photo of the finished product in front of your eyes so you can use it as a visual guide. It’s best to break it down into smaller pieces and focus on one aspect simultaneously. You can also hire a professional if you’re able to do it.

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