12 Korean Beauty Tips for Perfect Skin

Steam massage your face in the shower.

South Korea has many skin clinics that can offer facial massage. It is as simple as getting a manicure and a budget manicure. You can use circular motions with your fingers and tap in rotating motions. I recommend starting at the forehead and moving down to the cheekbones and cheekbones. Massaging improves circulation and gives you a radiant complexion. To maximize your hydration, use an oil cleanser.

Use a warm water-soaked washcloth to exfoliate.

My aunt is 70 years old and doesn’t have any wrinkles. Her secret? Her secret? She uses a small, nubby washcloth to massage the skin every day using circular, upward-moving strokes.

Make a charcoal sheet mask for your face.

Sheet masks are as common in South Korea as Kleenex. Charcoal is a popular ingredient. Charcoal. You can exfoliate and detoxify your skin with charcoal. All you need to do is lay the sheet on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes, then relax.

Blurring is a great way to achieve HD-perfect skin.

When you get out of bed, you think, “OMG! I can’t hide it!” You can blur your skin like a professional using an air-cushion foundation. This is a trademark Korean cosmetic.

Use a facial essence in between two layers of moisturizer.

Essences are a key ingredient in ensuring that your skin is clean and healthy. Next, you need to apply a serum. Then, you can add your moisturizer.

Get the natural glow from your lips.

Your skin will look more youthful and vibrant if you enhance your lip color. [utm_campaign It smells amazing, thanks to wild mango as its moisturizing ingredients.

Lip tints/oils can be used to protect your lips.

These lip oils are rich in nutrients and can be applied like butter to your lips.

Use an overnight sleeping mask.

Your skin cells are at their most efficient when sleeping. It’s the best time to moisturize and treat a dry complexion. When you get up, your face will be soiled from weeks of wear and tear. Trust me.

Make barley tea

Have you ever had Korean tea at a restaurant? One study found that barley tea has a high level of anti-oxidants. It may even double as a weight-loss beverage. It’s impossible to go wrong.

Open an ampoule to receive any skin-related SOS. 

An ampoule is a facial serum with steroids. It has the highest concentration of active ingredients that can repair, balance, and recharge cells in a short time (Dr. Grandel’s Beauty Flash has been my favorite. To target and treat acne, apply a few drops of the fluid in a vial pinky-sized before you start your essence.

Practice mouth stretches.

Exaggerate your Eliza Doolittle voice and say A-EI-O-U. Repeat this three times. Although it sounds absurd, many people swear that this trick improves circulation and lightens skin color. You can certainly benefit from it, so let me be your judge.

Get rid of your private parts.

Gwyneth Paltrow loves vaginal steams. This steam is called “chaiyok” and involves sitting naked on a stool over a steaming pot filled with aromatic herbs like mugwort. This can be done for between 30 to 45 minutes. This treatment is said to help women suffering from infertility by “cleansing” their uterus and balancing hormones. Although there are many critics of V-steams, the practice’s adherents swear by them. You’ll have at most a half-hour of relaxation and pleasantness.


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