10 simple beauty tips that can make a huge difference

Experts share the easiest changes to your beauty routine to have the greatest impact.

It takes lots of trial and error to create a beauty routine that suits you. It is helpful to seek out help from others if you struggle to find the right beauty routine for you. Shop TODAY reached out to experts to help us understand what little changes you can make to make a big difference in our daily lives.

The pros will share their top tips for making your beauty routine more efficient and effective, including how to apply your foundation and what to do with facial massages.

Spot blot your foundation

Do you want to have that flawless “no makeup” glow? It all comes down to optical illusion, experts say. The eye is drawn to the center of the face. These areas, including freckles, the bridge and between the eyebrows, have less product. This indicates that you are using less makeup overall while concealing imperfections,” says Leiah Schiebel, a beauty expert and makeup artist based in Arizona.

Make sure to change the concealer you use

Instead of using concealer in an upside-down triangle pattern under your eyes, use it to cover the inner corner of your eye and the outer edge of your temple. This is Helen Phillips, a national makeup artist for Sephora Collection. You don’t want your center cheeks to be highlighted. This can make your nasolabial folds more prominent and can lead to you getting older. She explains that this application brightens and lifts the undereye to give you a younger look.

Bright Fix Eye Brightener Concealer

Use it like a professional: Phillips recommends using a lighter concealer with brightening properties. Apply concealer to the undereye areas. Let it dry a bit before you blend it into your skin. This will give you more coverage and make it easier for you to apply concealer exactly where you want.” Fenty Beauty’s top-rated product brightens and corrects.

Above your temple, contour

Phillips says that lifting the eye is achieved by incorporating your hairline above your temples and not just up to your temples.

Use a multitasking approach to achieve a lifted look. Phillips recommends a multitasking palette. You’ll need a narrow brush to blend the contour shade, starting at the top of your outer eyebrow (just above your temple) and working your way down into your hairline. Use the same brush to highlight your high points with the highlighting color. Make sure to blend the edges to avoid it looking striped.” We gave the palette a rating of 4.5 stars.

Use a powder brush to get the best out of it.

Experts say that if you don’t use the dip-and-swipe approach to blush application, you miss an important step. Scheibel warns that if you apply the loose powder directly to your face, the powder will transfer to where the brush is. This can lead to uneven powder applied to the rest of your face.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

Treat it like a professional: To achieve a flawless application, apply the powder to the face in small circular motions (avoiding sweeping movements).

Line your upper lashes

Scheibel explains, “Applying a liner to your upper lash line creates a more defined look and gives the illusion that your eyelashes appear much larger.”

Use it like a professional: Tilt your head back and look into the mirror to achieve precise application. Use your waterproof/resistant eyeliner pencil to trace your eyeliner along the entire length of your eye, below your top lash line.

Apply a thin layer of eyeshadow primer before applying any more.

Scheibel also recommends following these makeup tips. Apply a thin layer on your eyeshadow primer. She says that eyelids are sensitive to heat and oil and can become oily over time, which will cause your eyeshadow to slide around and crease. A light primer can reduce the appearance of creases.

Treat it like a professional: After choosing your eyeshadow base, Scheibel recommends that you use your finger to melt the product into the skin. Apply the eyeshadow from the lash line to your brow, covering your entire lid. Apply a little bit of eyeshadow base to your lower lashline before you begin to line it.

Expand your palate

Add a splash of color to your look. Many people are tired of wearing masks for months and need a fresh start. Tai Young Gardner, a celebrity makeup artist and author of Glamdemic, says that incorporating a colored eyeliner (green, purple, or bronze) can be a fun, easy way to update a basic look.

Think about it like a professional: Young-Gardner recommends keeping your palette clear to keep the color focused and not overwhelming. To avoid eye shadow, stick to a blush that is neutral in tone and sweep the excess on your blush brush over your eyes. You can use your angle brush to create a cat-eye and dip it into a colored cream liner. Opt for a saturated lipstick color. You can do anything to make your makeup look more awakened!

Brows should be fuller but not lighter.

Experts say the key to full, beautiful brows is not to appear heavy. A strong brow can overwhelm your features if they aren’t naturally shaped. Phillips says this technique adds fluff to your features without making them look bulky.

Start by applying a brow gel. Next, use a brow pencil to define your shade. This Tarte pick is a favorite. Start by smudging your brows with a clear brow gel. Let them dry a little. For the final hold, you can brush your brows one more time. After the gel has dried completely, you can use a brow pencil or a brush to fill in any creases and give your brows more shape. Focus on the brow’s tail, which tends to have less hair.

Glycolic acid can be added.

Without proper skincare, perfecting your beauty routine will not be possible. Glycolic acid, which is generally best for acne-prone skin types, should be included in your beauty routine. It does more than treating the problem. The exfoliant is a powerful ingredient that helps to remove dead skin cells and reveal newer, more radiant layers. It has skin-renewing qualities that can smooth fine wrinkles, improve skin texture, plump the skin and boost hydration,” says Craig Ziering, a board-certified dermatologist and hair transplantation surgeon.

Treat it like a professional: Dr. Ziering recommends starting with lower concentrations to avoid sensitive or drying skin reactions. The Ordinary’s 7% toning product has received high reviews. Although we have not tried it, some reviewers have reported that it helped with dark spots and rough skin texture.

Add a facial massage.

Terrie Abher Kochman is a licensed medical aesthetician who founded Total Glow and considered a facial treatment a must-have for your skin’s health. The skin requires toning and good circulation, just as it is important to keep your body moving. To help increase circulation and firm the skin, we need to exercise our muscles. This will also give it a healthy glow and detoxify it.

Treat it like a professional: To help you massage, you can use a tool like Gua Sha or a facial roller or your hands. Kochman suggests that you use your fingertips to massage your neck. A gentle facial massage can aid in the absorption of products. This is a good time to use a quality serum or facial oil. Make sure you use the right serum or facial oil for your skin type.

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