10 Makeup Tricks That Always Work

In the world of makeup insta-trends, it’s important to know what works and what is just marketing hype. This will give you security and comfort. After decades of working with top makeup artists and celebrities, I have compiled the best tips for women 50+. These insider tips will help you make your DIY routine despite the new formulas and technology.

1. Start from scratch

After washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin, makeup must be applied immediately. Warm water, facial massage, and your choice cream, oil, or serum can help you plump up lines, smooth out flakes, and moisturize dry or postmenopausal skin. There are no breaks between moisturizing, cleansing and applying makeup. It is important to be clear that you cannot wash your face, eat, review your messages, shop online, or call the phone and then pick up from where you left off.

2. Eye makeup should be done before applying face makeup

It is the smart, mess-free way to go. There are no worries about powder shadow stains on the cheeks, or under-eye smears. These can cause foundation, blush, concealer or concealer to “dirty”, and may require a redo. Applying primer or cream shadow to the lids first will ensure a fresher and more even application.

3. Eyes can be protected with a gel-pencil liner in brown or black

These waterproof liners are more pigmented than traditional kohl pencils, less messy that brush-on gels, and flattering than sharp liquids or markers. For a steady hand, rest your elbow on a table. Take a look in the mirror and raise your chin to trace the base of your upper lid using small back-and forth movements. Begin at the outermost eye, and then work your way towards the tear duct. You should taper off about three-quarters of a mile in. To fill in any gaps, get as close to the roots of your lashes as you can. A strong border is created by dense pigment, not line thickness. You can reinforce your eye shape by “tightlining” the waterline below the upper lashes. To expose the underside and line of the rim, gently press the brow bone. Line the eyelids with a light touch. If you prefer drama, especially if your eyes are deepset or hooded, then use a lighter touch.

4. Spend a lot on a curler but not on black mascara

Quality curlers, such as those made by Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Kevyn Aucoin or Shiseido, won’t pinch, crimp, or break thin, dry eyes and can last years. The shape, hinge and padding are all important. The open curler should be placed close to the base of your lashes. Close the lid slowly and hold it for 30 seconds. You can use simple, inexpensive drugstore mascara in black, just like professionals do. It’s easy to toss and replace every three months. Slowly move the mascara wand slowly from the roots to the tips using a zigzag wiggling motion. This will ensure that the highest concentration of product is at its base where it thickens the lashes.

5. Accentuate your eyes with neutral shadows

Natural hues are always a good choice. You don’t have to contour your entire face. A shimmery, pale shadow on the lids can make tired eyes sparkle. The medium shade at the crease can be used to conceal any fleshy underhangs, while the darker browns and charcoals can be used as a topcoat for gel eyeliner.

6. Do your brows

You should fill them, shape and lengthen them. It should be natural. You should use a brow pencil with short, feathery strokes that follow the direction of hair growth. Fill in any areas that are not covered by the pencil with powder. Blend with a mascara wand or a spiral brush.

7. Not coverage, but glow and brightness are the best options

Face makeup can restore radiance and give you a more youthful appearance. To counteract sallow, pasty or ashy skin, and to neutralize redness, or rosacea, go one shade darker than the perfect match. To ensure that light-reflecting technology gives your skin an incandescent glow, look for a foundation with “luminous” in its name. The last thing you need to do is choose a light, sheer foundation that is highly pigmented and forget about the no-wearing-makeup part. Your biggest beauty asset is beautiful skin. All those long-wear, matte, powder, high definition, full coverage, or long-wearing face products? You can forget about them.

Sharon Stone, actress, knows how to keep her authentic look.

8. Use makeup brushes

It’s normal for mature skin to have expression lines, small eye crinkles, and bits of brown, yellow, or red discolorations. They are common even among celebrities — but what is Photoshop for? It doesn’t fool anyone; it looks faked and caked in real life. Silky synthetic brushes make makeup look skin-authentic. Foundation brushes will prevent makeup from getting stuck in corners and crevices. For seamless application, start at the middle of your face. Blend foundation outward and fade toward the jawline and hairline. You can use circular motions and back-and-forth movements to blend foundation around your nose, under the nose, and in the nose-to-mouth areas where excess makeup settles. Tap-blend concealer under the eyes, in the inner corner near the nose, and on any brown spots, broken capillaries, or other blemishes you notice.

9. Use a bright cream blush to highlight your cheekbones

It gives your face life and energy, blends into your skin to give it a natural-looking flush and draws attention to the eyes. You can choose a bright and clear color depending on your skin tone. Tap-blend the product to blend seamlessly into your skin. What appears initially strange will soon fade. You can ditch the powder blush.

10. Make a change in your lipstick and lip liner

Match your lip color to the lip liner. Draw the lines, but fix a faded, uneven or thinned upper-lip line. Then fill in the entire mouth with liner as a base to prevent ring-around-the-mouth and lipstick migration into lines. Use a creamy lipstick, not a gloss. You can skip the pale shades if you prefer nudes. Instead, choose one that matches your lipstick and liner. To enhance whitened teeth, and a radiant smile, try a different shade like peachy pink or rose.

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